Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Totally Retro Scarecrow

Today was scarecrow day. We decided to go for the serious retro scarecrow with a totally groovy Levi Panatela 70's suit and an awesome Oxford button-up. These are Luci's dad's old clothes that have been in the upstairs closet for years. After sorting through a pile of some serious polyester, it came down to either this or a black and grey checkered kind of thing. The black and grey had matching pants and jacket, but these pants... How could we pass up these pants? I wish the jacket was the same as the pants, but you can't have everything.

To make the scarecrow I took some big safety pins and attached the shirt to the pants. I tried to get it even all the way around and have the button just above the top of the pants. I needed some pretty thick safety pins to push through the polyester. I attached the gloves the same way with one pin in front and another in back. I could barely get them through the thick leather of my old work gloves. I also used the pins to close up the legs so that when I shoved in the pinestraw it wouldn't come out the leg. When I say pinestraw I mean pinestraw. I filled the scarecrow with pine needles I raked up a few weeks ago.

Besides the totally awesome pants, my favorite part of is the head. I used a plastic milk jug upside down with a dowel running up into it. I cut a hole in the neck of the jacket and shirt and tied it to the handle to pull up the collars. I had been trying to think of an old hat I could use when I noticed the pile of old solar landscape lights laying next to the front porch. Most of them have been messed up by the hurricanes and I had pulled them out of the ground a few days ago. I cleaned up one I thought might still work and found the least corroded batteries from a few different lights. I cut a little hole in the top of the jug and placed the light on top with the light poking down inside. Now, not only does my scarecrow look like he is wearing a jaunty little cap, his head lights up at night.

I would love to see other scarecrows from around the country. I know there have got to be some funny ones. Maybe next year I will make punk rock scarecrow with a big mohawk and a Crass t-shirt. Gothcrow, modcrow, deathmetalcrow, anything with wallet chain, the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Love the scarecrow, but you need to take a picture right after the sun goes down so you can see the face light up. Or maybe even try it after dark.