Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waiting with a deadly weapon

This morning I got dressed and tried to quietly go out into the dark and wait at the edge of the front porch with the rifle. I have a clear view of the place I have been putting out my corn. I know that the deer have found it because it is being eaten and there are clear fresh tracks right around the pile every day. Right now the thing I don't know is when they are coming to get it. Although, two days ago it was still on the ground when my wife left for work and gone when I left to take the girls to school.

I watched the stars slowly fade and the light come up while I listened to the owls. I did not realise how cold it would be before sunrise by the time I came in my finger tips were aching and I didn't see anything. I did learn a couple things while I was waiting out in the darkness.

1) I gotta find some gloves I can wear that will be easy to shoot with.
2) I need to bring out some kind of towel or cloth because the lens of the scope gets fogged up in the cold.
3) I need to clear, clear, and clear more brush to open up my Field of view.
4) I have a hard time waiting and hour or two without coughing, sneezing, fidgeting, etc.
5) This hunting thing could take a while.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Harvest

Not bad for a day with frost on the ground. At this point I think I need some kind of hothouse tunnel made out plastic sheeting. Have to wait I while before I have time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

VIctory is mine, again

Another battle with my mower won. The pulley I ordered from sears finally arrived yesterday. I have been waiting for a month. I waited two weeks then called to check and they had forget to order it even though I had already paid so I had to wait another two weeks. Opening the box was like opening a treasure. When we can't mow the yard feels like it is closing in around you and the minute you cut the foot tall grass it is as if it had doubled in size.
I have been battling with the mower since last April when I got back from Vegas and tried to get it started and running after a long time not being used. Finally when I had almost the whole yard mowed smoke came pouring it from under it and after a few seconds the belt that drives the mowers blade shredded. I was so mad I considered showering it in gas and set it on fire.

I put the mower on hold till my folks came to visit and worked on the garden. My dad thought it ridiculous that I hadn't bought a new belt yet so he drove me up to Sears and he bought one. Thanks, Pop. Back with the belt I stood it up and tied it to a post. Resting on the back wheels is the best way to access the blades, belts or front tires. I don't have a manual, but most riding mower's will have a diagram on the deck as to how the belt goes. Since there is no tension until the mower is engaged it is easy to install the belt. I quickly had the mower back down and was drove it out to start mowing. In the yard I engaged the mower blades and started to go when I smelled the familiar burnt rubber smell and watched tiny sparks coming from under the mower. Thankfully, I managed to get it shut off before the forty dollar belt was torn to shreds. Once again I considered going for the gas can. Standing it back up again I found the problem was a mishapen drive pulley. Then I waited in frustration for a much to long before I went back up Sears and ordered another pulley.

Now after a very long wait I have the new pulley in and all
is well. The grass is mostly short and the grasshoppers fled like locusts as I destroyed thier habitat. I probably should have taken the whole mower down to Tyler County Tractor eight months ago and had them do the work like I have done in the past, but I was determined that I was going to do this myslef and get it running. Or drink a few beers and watch the damn thing burn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The deadliest weapon known to deer: CORN

Ah the sweet taste of corn. Today I bought my first two bags of deer corn, extra clean, as it says on the bag although they eat it off the dirt so I don't know why that matters. I feel committed now like there is no backing out once the corn touches the soil. Even if I don't manage to shoot anything I feel like I will have to at least get up before daybreak with the rifle and pocket full of shells to see if anything is wandering about. I don't have any camo yet and since I am hunting on our property I don't need the neon orange vest that you are required to wear when hunting on public lands. I am also just old enough that in order to get a hunting liscense I did not have to take a hunter's education class. I was a if I was born in September in stead of July I would be required by the state to take the class.
The two spots I have picked to put out corn on are only about thirty yards from the house. Basicly I will just have to get up and go sit in my front yard or on my back porch. Walking my shooting lane I see fresh tracks all the time and I don't think I would need to put corn out down there. I can use that spot on the weekends and use the ones near the yard during the week while Luci is getting ready for work and the kids are sleeping. Not quite sure how the kids will react to waking up to the sound of gunfire.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Slash Today, Burn Tomorrow

Yard work starts to take on new meaning when the yard is a couple of acres. Especially being warm and humid, small trees and brush grow so fast you feel like you could sit on the porch and watch them grow. With the gray sky's and light rain this morning I decided to get ready for burning time. Global warming is not gonna happen unless we all contribute a little, so I will do my part to raise the sea level and the property value for millions of Americans. People burn around here all the time. The county issue's burn bans when it is dry and as far as I can tell most people observe these restrictions.

I am pretty nervous about a lighting fires out here because I grew up going to the woods once or twice a year where many a ranger station posters of Woodsy Owl assured me that only I could prevent forest fires. So I try to only burn when it has been or is pouring rain. I try to cover a pile so it will dry out. Then the pile dries out and I can burn it when everything else is soaked. This pile had been here a while but I uncovered it and piled on some new stuff I cut up with the chainsaw.
Getting a pile to light up can be a pain when it is to wet. Personally I find the best way to get em going is diesel fuel topped off with a little spray of carburator cleaner. Yes, I will admit that in the beginning I used gasoline and may have burned a large amount hair off my arms once. Drive around here at night and you will see piles burning in peoples yard all through the night. I can't bring myself to do that I have to take a hose and put it out before I go to bed or leave the house.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A fist full of beans

Our oldest daughter tore through these beans before I could even get them out of the pan. Wasn't very much but she loves fresh green beans. Most of the beans I planted didn't sprout for some reason, but the ones that have are putting out well now. I they had all come up, I would be having the bean fest o9 that I had been counting on, but instead I will have to settle for a seven year old with a happy tummy tonight.