Monday, November 16, 2009

VIctory is mine, again

Another battle with my mower won. The pulley I ordered from sears finally arrived yesterday. I have been waiting for a month. I waited two weeks then called to check and they had forget to order it even though I had already paid so I had to wait another two weeks. Opening the box was like opening a treasure. When we can't mow the yard feels like it is closing in around you and the minute you cut the foot tall grass it is as if it had doubled in size.
I have been battling with the mower since last April when I got back from Vegas and tried to get it started and running after a long time not being used. Finally when I had almost the whole yard mowed smoke came pouring it from under it and after a few seconds the belt that drives the mowers blade shredded. I was so mad I considered showering it in gas and set it on fire.

I put the mower on hold till my folks came to visit and worked on the garden. My dad thought it ridiculous that I hadn't bought a new belt yet so he drove me up to Sears and he bought one. Thanks, Pop. Back with the belt I stood it up and tied it to a post. Resting on the back wheels is the best way to access the blades, belts or front tires. I don't have a manual, but most riding mower's will have a diagram on the deck as to how the belt goes. Since there is no tension until the mower is engaged it is easy to install the belt. I quickly had the mower back down and was drove it out to start mowing. In the yard I engaged the mower blades and started to go when I smelled the familiar burnt rubber smell and watched tiny sparks coming from under the mower. Thankfully, I managed to get it shut off before the forty dollar belt was torn to shreds. Once again I considered going for the gas can. Standing it back up again I found the problem was a mishapen drive pulley. Then I waited in frustration for a much to long before I went back up Sears and ordered another pulley.

Now after a very long wait I have the new pulley in and all
is well. The grass is mostly short and the grasshoppers fled like locusts as I destroyed thier habitat. I probably should have taken the whole mower down to Tyler County Tractor eight months ago and had them do the work like I have done in the past, but I was determined that I was going to do this myslef and get it running. Or drink a few beers and watch the damn thing burn.

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