Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to my nightmare

As far as gardening goes I don't have much to do now during the winter although I probably should be tilling more and if I had space clear this might be a good time to plant some trees. During this time the focus is turning to two things. Clearing fence and land and the old garage. Call it a shed, barn garage whatever this thing has some serious problems. Probably built in the early forties it is a miracle that it is even still standing since I don't think any work has been done to it for forty or fifty years. The pine tree right next to it is about two and half feet wide and maybe 150 tall and located directly between this building and my house.

I think as long as this tree has been growing people having been dumping trash in and around this thing.
We probably should have had it knocked down and burned, but one it is to close to the house and two I can't bring my self to get rid of something useful, just because it is ugly. Amazingly the roof truss are still solid and haven't begun to rot. So I intend to spend a couple hundred bucks on 4x4 posts and 2x4s to shore it up so it wont collapse and use it for storage of equipment like the mower, tiller and hopefully a tractor one day.

The big problem is that before I can fix it I have to clean out all the junk. I am almost positive that some of the items hanging on the walls have been on the same nail since the 1940's. For some reason the whole inside area is covered with layer upon layer of crap. Not just junk, because if you pick up a layer of trash you uncover a layer of junk and when you pick up that layer of trash you find another layer of junk.
As bad as this picture is this is after countless trips to the local trash collection dump. I do realize that thrash man don't come around here, but this is ridiculous. Why when we are surrounded with all this no land why would everything be piled up right next to the house.

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  1. I would keep the structure but for all the debris it looks like a job for a small bulldozer and a few dumpsters. Or dig a hole, dump the trash in it then cover it with the the clean fill (dirt). the barn looks large enough to be able to mill and or season wood protected from the weather.