Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Battle Racoon

There is a raccoon outside right now happily snacking on what was supposed to be the bait for the my trap.  If my wife didn't have to go to work at five in the morning I was try to slip out and take a shot at the little fellow, but that will have to wait until a Friday or Saturday night.  After he killed the chicken I moved the chicken tractors under the bedroom window and twice I saw him on top of those trying to pull open the corrugated plastic roofs, but he couldn't get in.  A few nights ago my youngest saw him hanging on the larger chicken coop, before every one went to sleep so I went out with the 20 gauge, but I he was moving and I missed.  I guess more target practice is in order. 

I have been trying to trap the creature for a couple days now, but of course I can't bring myself to drop the sixty bucks to buy a ready made metal trap from the hardware store.  Sadly our last Basset Hound died the Christmas before last and we have a couple of these old crate laying around the house.  I decided to try to make a trap out of it, but if it actually worked he might be able to chew his way out pretty quick.  At first I put eggs in it for a few days to get him comfortable going in and out and then I put peanut butter on some sticks attached to strings. This didn't work.  So tonight I used a chicken carcass, a delicious lemon pepper I must say, which the raccoon is currently enjoying out in the yard.  How,the hell, the little bastard got the damn thing off the string I can only guess at while I listen to his faint laughter and the jiggle of his full tummy.

Battle Raccoon Score
Blood thirsty homeowner: 0
Crafty little creature just asking to made into a hat: 3

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