Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great Halloween Flood of 2013

       After the severe drought summer, we have had around ten inches of rain in two days the creeks and branches are flooded, dirt roads are washed out and the kids got out of school early today so that the buses could try to slog threw the mud to get kids home.  Our drive way is completely trashed and it is going to take forever for me to try and repair the erioson.

I went out today and cut channels across the ruts and down into the lower side of the road so that the water could run down the hill towards the branch.  Every hundred feet or so I cut a channel with a pick and a shovel so that the water in that section could run off.  This should reduce the volume of water and slow it down, so it should lesson the erosion.  Some of the ruts have been stripped deep and I will have to keep smashing up concrete to fill them up.


The Long Branch runs on the side of the property is completely swollen.  It had finally gotten a tiny trickle flowing again after the drought, but this rain has it moving like a little river. The one nice thing is that the water did clear away a portion of the brush I had cut for my new hunting spot.  This will leave me a nicer area with less brush to clear away. Low budget deer hunting tip number 2: have a flash flood clear away your dead brush. 

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