Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's ain't a bigun, but it's legal

       Took my second deer this afternoon, a decent sized spiked buck.  I glanced out the back window and spotted a single deer alone.  Since I shot the first doe, just about the only deer I have seen are the tiny button and doe that were with the big doe.  They come every morning and every night. It's as if it is there way of saying "hey, this corn tastes great, sure would be better with mom".  I can almost here their conversation.  We have named them Nibbles and Snack after I mentioned that they are barely big enough to be a hundred calorie snack pack. Luckily, if they are big enough to shoot next year they won't be recognizable.

        My youngest kid had a doctors appointment at 2:45 and I shot the deer at around twelve so I had to move my but to get this thing skinned gutted and in the cooler, before I had to go to town.  I never imagined myself driving my daughter to the pediatrician moments after cutting off an animals head.  Fortunately I was able to use the arbor at my wife's aunt's house to skin it which makes it a lot easier.  They have a nice winch hooked up allow the deer to be raised to a good working height depending on what your doing. Even still for me it was definitely and experiment in speed skinning.  I have seen videos of people skinning the deer by hooking the skin around a golf ball, tying it to a truck, and yanking it off, but that actually seems like a hassle.  You still have to do most of the cutting and pulling it off isn't that hard if you can raise the deer high enough.

     I did cut myself when I mere moments from being done as I cut the neck off and I did get stung by a bee, but I managed to get the deer skinned, gutted and in the cooler with a few minutes to spare.  I was very happy to not open any of the intestines or stomach in the process and overall for my third deer skinning it went pretty well. There is definitely a fair bit of work involved, but I am starting to enjoy it. I kept the skin and head in the cooler and hopefully I can scrape the hide tomorrow. 

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