Saturday, August 8, 2009

Straight Cucumbers at last

Now in the middle of the summer our garden is winding down. We should be getting lots of tomatoes, but the heat and the bugs did them in. We planted two kinds of cucumbers long straights and short picklers. The picklers have come to the end. They were the most productive of anything we planted. Between what we ate, what Luci turned inot garlic dill pickles and what got fed to the chickens we had more than we could have asked for by far.
At the same time right next to them the long straight cucumbers that we planted barely eeked out at a couple of squat half green half yellow cucumbers. That is until now. For some reason they have finally started to produce nice long straight cucumbers as the picklers are dying.
We had talked about not planting them again, but maybe they are just coming into thier own now.

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