Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to the farm

After a month in Vegas, getting a few other things done, everyone being sick and a week of total slacking I need to turn my attention back to the garden and all things agricultural.  Hunting season is completely over including black powder season, I don't own  a musket anyway, but of course the deer come in herd every evening behind the house. Now that I have some deer meat in the freezer it would be nice to get a little swine.  For one you need to mix a little fat into the ground meat in order to make decent burgers.  The deer is just to lean for that.  I tightened the line on the pig trap and have been dumping corn in, but so far they haven't set it off.  I am going to have to set up a camera in order to determine if it is pigs, raccoons or squirrels that have been eating the corn and apples.

As for growing all I have left is my carrots.  The neat little rows are still slowly growing.  I had been building a quick little hot house for my peppers to try to keep them alive until spring, but my wife got sick right before I went to Vegas and didn't have time to finish.  I will probably finish it now and use it to start off some early plants because we are sure to have more freezing before it is actually time to plant anything.

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