Monday, April 11, 2011

And then there were none

You do get a connection with nature living out here in the middle of the woods.  Often it seems it is a connection I could live without involving massive swarms of bugs.  During the time I lived in Las Vegas I never truly appreciated the absence of little critters.  For the last three nights we been swarmed by Junebugs. If a light was on to close to a window they would thump on the window like zombies trying break into the house and driving at night sounds like a hail storm as the fly towards the headlights and meet their fate on the grill of my truck. Last night I accidentally flicked on the back porch lights when I turned on the lights in the kitchen and they exploded into a frenzy. I sat their and watched the swarm just engulf the back porch. This morning I swept up piles of them and feed them to the hungry chickens, but tonight nothing.  I clicked on the lights out back and nothing.  Not a even a couple little remaining clicks.  If it happens again I am going to put a light inside the chicken tractor and turn it on after dark and let the chickens feast.  I don't know if the little solar pathway light attract the Junebugs or not, but I will have to see. 


  1. I don't have the Junebugs here, but when I lived in Illinois, they certainly made life "interesting" (blech!)

  2. Yeah, interesting as in disgusting.

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