Friday, May 20, 2011

The first harvest

As the girls eagerly await the first cucumbers and tomatoes of the year the squash and zucchini has exploded.  This is one day of picking and there will be at least this much tomorrow, possibly the same the next day.  I may have planted just a little to much this.  I didn't expect to get this much out of what I planted.  Next year I will stagger each group of four zucchini and squash seeds by a week so that they roll in a little more evenly.  One week I will plant a group of each kind for about a month maybe five or six weeks.  That should help spread out when things are ready to pick.  If I had much more I would have to find somewhere to sell some of this stuff.


  1. Squash/zucchinni are one of those plants that doesn't know when to quit. You end up having to either murder it or find a whole lot more "victims" to do unload them on!

  2. We better some more victims because this stuff is piling up and now the cucumbers and green beans are booming.