Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Seeds of Doomsday

              Summer is more than half over, but in East Texas the heat is capable of lingering for a long time and we have been able to wear shorts on Christmas more than once.  I am trying to get another round of summer and fall veggies planted,  hoping the weather will be right for a second harvest.  I pulled up my green beans two days ago and my cucumbers have take a a very quick turn downward.  This has happened before where I am ready to throw a few things in the ground, but the seeds aren't carried locally because the store have cleared out isle space for school supplies. Being the ultra cheap perpetually broke gardener that I am, I have broken into the sealed pouch of  survival seeds I was given to write about by  I wrote about these a couple years ago when I first started gardening and blogging in a sponsored post.  Now four years later I will bust them open and use them for my mid summer and fall planting.


  1. Just a word about the Kentucky Wonder Brown seeds. I also got some from a survival seed company. I grew them in 2012 and again this summer. They grow great and produce a lot, but I'm not going to grow them again. I find that if you don't pick them very young and small, they get tough and stringy. Some people like that about them, but I just can hardly swallow a mouth full of string. Ugh. Well, maybe if I was starving, but we're not there yet. BTW, where have you been? You haven't posted in about two years.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will have to try and pick em quick, I would go with something else, but right now I need to use what I got. I went to Las Vegas to work, figured I would be there for a few months, but ended up going back and forth for a year and a half and by then it took me a bit to get back to sitting down and writing again.