Sunday, June 14, 2009

Success so far

The sunflowers are booming. The leaves are covered with little golden flecks of pollen.

Luci wanted to plant the gourds. The plan is make some birdhouses out of these.

This what I am most excited about: the first signs of melons. This one is a little bigger than a golf ball. The rest of the melons are like gumballs.

Still planting. Maybe it is too late to plant, but I have the seeds and they were cheap so what do I have to lose. I have been trying to water the seedlings in the morning and at night. The days have been are getting long and hot. I don't think our watering system is effective enough and I am afraid some plants will die. The sprinklers are just too inefficient for the size of a garden we put in this year. I think next year we will have to do something else; we may even have to do something else this year to keep everything alive. I put in cucumber seeds that have sprouted, and the garlic bulb in the kitchen window needs to be split up and put into the ground. So it keeps going.


  1. Next year put in a drip system.

  2. How are you doing the watering? Do you have a well?
    My dad would plant marigolds to keep away beetles. You might want to plant basil with your tomatoes to keep away aphids.
    Have you tried growing Asparagus or "Brandywine" tomatoes? Yum

  3. Yes, we do live on a well which is nice because the water is clean and fresh, but when the power goes out so does the water. We have a sprinkler on each end. like you use to water a lawn. We have a couple of marigolds, next year we will plant more and the basil is in pots on the porch. Next year we will try to plant to keep bugs out.