Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victory is mine

Today, I won a battle. Our Craftsman riding mower and I have been at war for months now.
After sitting around for almost a year while I was in Vegas, the engine wouldn't start. I have been monkeying with the thing since I got back. I started working on our mower even before I tore apart the tiller that I got working to put in the garden.
Machinery is just part of living out in the country. Often you drive through the country and see these houses with big open fields of grass around them and think how nice it would be to have so much open cleared space...but you don't notice the tractor sitting back in a garage behind the house that has a payment as much as a car. Right now we are just happy to have the mower going again. After taking it half-apart, changing the spark plug, cleaning the carburetor, sanding the rust off the flywheel, cleaning the fuel lines, sanding the battery cable terminals and spraying an assload of carburetor cleaner in the spark plug chamber, the mower finally fired up.

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  1. Sweet Georgia Brown med traktorkomp

    Need I say more?