Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Not So OK Corral

Yesterday, I went back to the old barn with a machette and hacked my way into the old corral that sits besides the barn. Some places this would be an old fence with some grass growing around it and thick weeds, but here we get the cambodian temple effect. The whole thing just gets swallowed up in a few years of undisturbed growth. I wanted to see if I could salvage these old iron gates to use down by the house. Shouldn't take to long with a chainsaw to hack them out of the brush. One is crushed from a tree that fell during one of the huricanes, but two of them are good and will be good for sealing off a couple places that I don't want people driving 4 wheelers on.

This old feeder is in the center of the corral and if I can get it out I might be able to use the metal frame for something around the farm. The momosa trees grow super fast and if you don't kill it cutting a limb creates twenty other limbs that sprout out.