Monday, February 15, 2010

Salvage from the old barn

I went today up to the corner of the property where this old barn is still just barely standing. When we moved here it was in slightly better shape, but after two huricanes and a couple decades of neglect it looks as if it is just about ready to go. When the property was logged I told them not to knock this down and burn it, but I not sure why. I probably would have been better off, but then I wouldn't have been able to salvage these six sheets of tin from the side which look like they were only purchased a few months ago.

Old structures like this always make me think of the first guy to put it up. This barn is a made from a mix of materials including scraps from the old garage by our house, left of pine v-grove planks left over from the inside walls of our house and rough sawed pine planks that still have bark on the edges and were most likely the first parts of this old barn. I wonder what plans that guy had as he hammered it together. Was it just a necessity to keep hey and put up some animals in bad weather for keeping the family fed or was it supposed to be the beginning of an expanding farm. The beginning of a cattle empire that never quite played out. If I can get the time I am gonna try to brace up some parts of this so it will hang around a little longer maybe I find more things I can uses for the pieces.

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