Sunday, February 28, 2010

The 2010 garden

Like a lot of kids I figured by 2010 we'd have jet cars, travel to the moon for a slice of lunar pizza, communicate telepathically, and transcend our human form to become a race of beings existing only as energy. So none of that happened, but we do have the Iphone, the internet, and and ten thousand channels a crap on TV. I do believe that as a kid I also figured that by almost age forty I would have better things to do with my time than play in the dirt, but that also did not happen. I spent the morning getting the garden ready for this season.

Luckily, the tiller that I had to tear apart and put back together last year started right up this year. Most likely because I have been going out every couple a months and starting it even if I don't have any tilling to do. All in all the Troy-bilt tiller has turned out to be a good buy. Even though the garden area is covered with weeds and grass the soil is much easier to turn than last year. Last year the grass would be in these rock hard clumps that the tines would bounce off instead of cutting into and I would have to fight the tiller to get it to dig into the soil instead of popping up.

This year we will try to expand production to include the same garden space as last year, six to eight raised beds, a patch for melons and pumpkins, and hopefully be the end of the summer some type of green house. Right now I need to the garden tilled a couple times and then plant some seed potatoes. This is not what I thought I would be doing in the future, but maybe by 2020 I can till the garden with a hydrogen powered, self directing, robotic tiller that also makes a nice cup of coffee.

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