Monday, March 1, 2010

The unexpected rodeo

I lived in Las Vegas for ten years and during that time I think I missed out on the chance to see a pretty wild sporting event. The National Finals Rodeo happens every year in Vegas and the city swarms with cowboy hats. Living out here in the country there isn't much to do so when something is going on you go. The kids insist upon it. Be it parade, fair or rodeo you go. I was skeptical at first, but even the small rodeo that happens on a the small grounds next to the airport is impressive. Growing up in the city I had never seen a rodeo before and TV does do the size and power of the animals justice. I wouldn't even think a getting on one those monster size things they ride in the NFR. I don't know if they have a goat scramble for the kids at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas, but I know that everybody would have a great time. Buying tickets to any event in Las Vegas can be pricey, but the NFR is good deal for the money. When you figure it cost like sixty bucks to see Blueman Group do the same show you saw last year you can't go wrong with NFR tickets.

National Finals Rodeo tickets for sale

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