Monday, March 15, 2010


With the little fella's growing up fast we had to have a place for them to wait for their day in the pot. The chickens we have now get let out of the coop most days freely running around the yard scratching and pooping. This works pretty good, but sometimes they wander off during the day or just don't come back when it gets to be dark. The chickens were just got will spend their days in one of these chicken tractors were building.

Every day or so we will move this portable coop so they have access to fresh grass and bugs and the massive amounts of poop will be spread out amongst various parts of the yard in desperate need of free fertilizer. Right now were thinking maybe three chickens to a tractor, maybe four. We figure this is a much better deal than they would be offered in a massive chicken factory. I call it a factory simply because I don't know what you call em. I know the raw chicken flesh filling grocery store meat isles didn't come from anything that could be called a farm and I am pretty sure a chicken ranch is only legal in certain parts of Nevada.

I figure if you include the 2x2', plywood and poultry netting we will spend about twenty five bucks making one of these. The sheet metal roof will salvaged from the old barn, but if we had to buy that we could chuck on a another ten bucks. A whole chicken ready for roasting is about seven, so only about four or five chickens have to die for us pay for our investment. With real estate and the stock market in the crapper that's a return you can't beat.

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