Saturday, March 27, 2010

A place of their own

They grow up and move out so fast seems like just yesterday they were in the house chirping all freaking night. Oh, that was yesterday. They have survived their first night outside. I'm not sure how cold it got last night, but we hung a light inside the enclosed part of our new chicken tractor. Probably for a week or so they will be able to all crowd inside this one. This week I will build another one so that we can divide them as they get bigger. Finding how many we can have in each one will be the key. Three in each one eventually seems right, but it is hard to tell. The hardest part at this point will be moving the tractor without smooshing a baby chick. They seem to be happy to have dirt and grass at their feet. Last time we had chicks it didn't take long after this age for the different breeds to turn on each other. I had no idea that even hens could be so aggressive.

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