Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A fat sack of seed

Seeds and bees are two things I never gave much thought to until I started trying to grow food in the garden, but you can't grow squat without either one. Today I got this pack of seeds in the mail from Hometown Seeds I can't decide if am going to chuck it in the freezer or open it up and plant the whole lot of em. When you look around at homesteading or gardening sites you come across quite a few places selling "survival seeds". The idea is you keep these on hand in case of some type of crisis that shuts down the supply chain so you can start your own garden. The pack I got is forty bucks for enough seeds to plant a 3/4 acre garden which is three times the size I have. Our garden was quite a bit of work so I imagine that would be enough for us.

We live in the boonies and should something happen that we couldn't get out of here we would need to fend for ourselves. Sounds silly, but just after Hurricane Rita it was a about a week before we could buy gas. Not to minimize the Hurricane, but in the scheme of things it was a small localized disaster. Should a large scale catastrophe happen on the gulf coast it could take even longer. Even if we couldn't get out for a couple weeks that mean a loss of income we could partially make up for growing our own food. Now I am not a survivalist. I don't plan on building any bunkers and although I have always secretly wanted a pistol grip AK, I don't plan on stockpiling weapons, but I can't see anything wrong with a having a little extra supplies laying around.

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