Monday, March 15, 2010

Can I deep fry em yet?

Twenty new little pooper's came home with us this weekend. We took the kids to Tolars feed store and bought some new chicks and bag of starter feed. They chicks will stay in the house in a couple dog crates for a few days till they are able to deal with the temperature changes a little bit. The kids are very excited and want to play with the bunch of em. After a while I found the girls sitting in front of the cage trying to come up with names for all twenty. I told them that pets have names and live inside. Farm animals live it outside anonymously. I told the girls if they wanted to give names they could be things like "and dumplings" or "noodle soup" or "fried" anything you throw the word chicken on either side and come up with dinner.

We are not sure how many of these will be laying hens and how many will be lunch. On the same day we brought these home Luci found someone wanting to sell twenty broilers for a buck each to get rid of them. Next weekend we should be getting those. How many of those will go straight to slaughter is not clear yet, but the soil at the LongBranch Ranch may run red with blood. The only real question is should we let the little guys watch so they know what's coming or leave them in peaceful ignorance.


  1. NO! Don't let them watch. Not yet they are too little.

  2. We never let the others watch.