Monday, March 29, 2010

Sip and Seed and then some

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The more I live here the more I realize that the more you support your wildlife the better. The birds serve a purpose just like everything else. I put up this great bird feeder we got just the other day. I like being able to have the option to put either water or food in this feeder. We had thousands of Robin Red Breasts in the yard this winter and I couldn't afford to feed all of em, but I could put water out. During the rainy parts of the year there is really no need to put out extra water so there may be time we fill both silos with bird seed. We actually fill our bird feeders with chicken scratch. Since we always have a bag in the house and it only cost ten bucks for a fifty pound bag this saves some cash. When my wife first told me we could use chicken scratch I said I didn't think birds would eat it and she had to remind me that chickens are, in fact, birds. Tasty juicy birds that go well with just about everything.

Hopefully this year our blue berry bushes will produce more and we may get another one of these Sip and Seed feeders to put near them. The guy at the blue berry farm told me that the reason he has feeders and a certain kind of bird house is because that kind of bird will drive out the ones that eat the blue berries. I will have to ask him what kind of birds they are and copy the bird houses that he has on posts at the end of his blueberry rows. I would have never thought I would be much of a bird watcher, but as I notice them more I actually find them interesting. This fall there were some birds eating out of my deer feeder that were almost neon green. That is the only time I have seen them and I find myself looking for the different kinds of birds.

sip & seed birdfeeder

When my youngest realized that I was filling up bird feeder she demanded I fill the bird feeder she made in preschool last year. She wanted to know if she could make a pretty bird feeder like the sip and seed when she got older.

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