Friday, April 24, 2009

I can almost taste 'em

The garden is growing well. I am not sure what is growing faster: the vegetables we planted or the weeds that were already there. Almost everything has survived the frost, the flooding rain and my inexperience. Only one row had nothing at all come up and I weeded that this afternoon so we can replant it on Sunday.

The tomatoes and pepper plants are at least twice the size that they were when we bought them. Maybe next year we will start some from seeds, but you have to start very early in the season in order to get them big enough to transplant on time.

I went up to the crumbling barn that lies along the edge of our property, and inside was a pile of sixteen-foot-long pieces of 3/4 inch pvc. This was a big score. I dragged a bunch out and now I can cut them into four-foot pieces to use as tomato stakes. Cages would be nice but there is no way we could fork out the cash. We might as well use whatever we can find around here. There is plenty of old junk we can use.
The sunflowers are at the very bottom of the garden in a mound along the fence. Being at the bottom, they get the most amount of water and have been growing fast. During the heavy rains that Tyler County got last weekend, they all got it hard. When it was over, we brushed the dirt off and stood each one up and tucked a leaf into the fence to support them. They have made a great comeback. These are extra special because our kids planted them and are very excited about them getting big. We will try to keep the seeds and dry them out for a tasty snack.

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