Thursday, April 9, 2009

in the days after the frost......

Well, even with covering, a lot of we had coming up looks bad. Of course, it really didn't help that the next day had (unforecasted, thanks Weatherdude!) frost as well. The tomatoes and peppers have brown crumpled leaves that are probably plant sign language for "Hey, look at me, I'm about to freaking die!"

We are gonna wait a few days and replant. Some of the tomatoes might come back--their damage, for the most part, left the crowns of the plants intact. Cross your fingers, because I know I'm crossing mine. Next week the kids have spring break, so maybe we will have time then.

This week I need to go to the old barn on the edge of property and see if the PVC pipe that I found in there will be useable for tomato stakes.

I have a love/hate relationship with all the junk out here. The side of me that wants to be neater and tidier hates it, but the cheap guy in me likes to dig out things we can use from these piles of crap. We have used T-posts, tools, pipe, buckets. and other junk from the old garage, as well as adding old bottles and antique fishing lures to our collections.

For years, we had been trying to get rid of junk that had been piling up for years before we moved to the country...and then we moved back here and there was even MORE junk piled around... Lots of people have told me that I should dig a big hole with tractor and pile it in, but that seems like it is not really fixing the problem. When it is gone, I want it to be gone for good. I know I am the kind of lucky guy who'll find out later I have buried it right where it will have to be dug up again. Little by little we've made progress getting rid of all the clutter, but I am starting to realize that there will always be junk. It would be easy if a trash guy came every few days and took your piled-up stuff, but that's just a part of rural life you have to do for yourself.

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