Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one night winter

Yeah yeah, I know it's a terrible picture, but of course the fancy Kodak digital camera doesn't work because it needs a new $70 battery, so I have to use my six-year-old cell phone. I haven't had service with T-mobile in four years, seeing as how their service area ends at the cattle guard about fifty yards from our front door.

Anyway, this is how our garden looked last night after a desperate attempt to cover all of the stuff coming up. We didn't have any plastic sheeting (and we're broke) so this was our only hope for salvaging the plants we've either bought or had sprout.

Using buckets and coffee cans (luckily Luci drinks a lot of coffee), we covered up all of the tomatoes and peppers. Those were the most expensive to replace so we got all those covered. The rest we covered with sheets and old jars. I do mean old; most of the jars, I dragged out of the crumbling garage behind the house. Some of these jars are probably fifty years old, so if anyone knows anything about vintage jars, let us know.

Even with the covering, some of the garden looks like it might go down. That means we will be planting again soon. Bah, humbug.

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