Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend gardening plans

Collected about fifty gallons of water from this morning's downpour. At our house, the rain started pounding about 7:30 this morning (just in time for me to try and load the kids in the car, thank you very much) and was done by 8:30 or 9:00. In just that short time, the buckets filled up with about fifty gallons of water. I definitely need to refine this system so I can get more water collected and stored. We are trying to begin planning now for next year's planting, which will hopefully include a lot more fruit trees and berry bushes.

The quick rain clearing into a nice sunny day seems to be a great trend for the garden. Everything is growing well except for one type of corn, but it was seed we bought several years ago so a I am not suprised that it has not come up. My wife has bought some more tomato plants to put in place of the not-corn. We have big plans for the tomatoes. Should be putting up lots and lots of sauce this year.

The weekend will really consist of just Sunday since we have a soccer game for the kids and a parade to go to on Saturday. Here're a few things I hope to get done:

  • clear more away from the pear tree to keep the squirrels off
  • clean more of the dirt around the peach tree and possibly use some extra to form a little well around it
  • strenghten the fence with some extra wire that is out by the old garage.
  • plant the okra that I started in the house with the girls
  • plant the seeds from the cantaloupe we ate yesterday around the garden

To do in the coming weeks

  • plant some garlic
  • get mulch for around the blueberry bushes

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