Saturday, January 2, 2010

almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

I finally got my shot this morning and I choked. Missed bambi completely.

Around eleven oclock I saw the head of deer through the batch of trees behind my feeder. I watched for a second to make sure that it was deer and then grabbed the rifle. I dropped a round in and cracked the front door trying to be as quiet as possible. I know they heard the door because I saw one head jerk up and an ear go shooting up. From the porch I could just barely see em through the trees so I had to move around to the front yard to get a shot.

I was actually amazed that I managed to walk the fifty or sixty feet quietly enough not to spook em. Two does had been munching on the corn I have been trying to get them to eat for a month. I was hoping to see the buck, but I don't maybe he was napping. Both deer had heads and ears up, but were starring down the road in the opposite direction. I raised up the rifle up and got the first one in my sights right behind the shoulder blades. Then I blew it. When I flicked off the safety it made a loud click and they both bolted. I pulled the trigger, but I guess it was too late because she didn't flinch. When I went down to look not one drop of blood was too be found. I waited a while and tried the follow the tracks on the leaves, but I couldn't find any blood or deer corpse so I guess I thats DEER: 3 ME: 0.

I may have to start hunting with handgrenades.

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