Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Panic, It's Organic. Organic Dark Chocolate

When you start to grow your own food you realise why organic produce is so valuable and healthy. Intentional Chocolate is company creating a healthy product by building a healthy company. These chocolates are made from pure fresh products purchased from suppliers with a "Do no Harm Philosophy."

Intentional Chocolate employs meditators who infuse the chocolate with good intentions so that it nourishes the body and spirit as it is eaten.
The idea is a company with an eye open to the future of the people and the planet on which they live. 50% of the net profits are donated to non-profit organizations that nourish the planet the way chocolate nourishes the soul.

organic dark chocolate

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  1. Minnesota and Texas may be worlds apart, but our dads (and their guns) could be twins, the resemblance is amazing. I hear you about adjusting to small town southern/living when you have the CA background. Your blog looks fine, they say being authentic is the best way to successful blogging.