Monday, January 25, 2010

Well this is what my garden looks like now. The only thing hanging in is the carrots that I would bet kids are pulling up in this picture. Finally we have had some nice weather and I have decided it is time to get ready for this years veggie garden. I pulled all the tomato stakes and cages, dragged the hoses out of the grass, rolled up the plastic that I had tried to use to save my peppers from the snow a few months ago. I ripped up the sunflowers stalks and pulled the last couple gourds out of the drying vines.

While the warm weather last I will take the fence down that we used to keep the rabbits out and till the garden area while the kids ride their bikes. A neighbor suggested I burn the dried weeds and then rake em out and till, but I am not sure if I gonna try that or not. Planting time isn't far away now and I need to get ready. I need to make a couple rain barrels, make a barrel for compost and find a cheap place to buy compost, clean the carburetor on the tiller, and come up with a planting plan.

The chicken got their first look inside the fence today.

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