Monday, January 11, 2010

Coldest winter in twenty years

Bad weather follows me around. Everywhere I have lived has had some form of record breaking weather while I was there. When we moved to Vegas there was some bad flooding and when we first moved here we got hit by hurricane Rita after everyone assured me that hurricanes never come this far inland. This is the first winter I have been home for in three years, so of course it has to be freezing.
This is what is left of the half cord of wood we bought for sixty-five bucks about a month and a half ago. More than one person has laughed when mentioned that we bought when we live surrounded by woods. Around half the stack hasn't been seasoned long enough and is hard to keep burning unless you mix it with drier wood. This is probably about and 1/8 th of a cord and we could easily burn this in a week if we have a fire at night. If wood was our only source of heat we would probably go through it faster. Luckily most of the time the winters here are joke compared to back east or the Midwest. If we had had to cut and split all of own wood for winter I would be in much better shape and I think we would need about 10 cords of wood.

Firewood isn't something you can just go cut up and burn right away for the most part. Like alot of country life it requires planning. This spring I need to be out cutting and splitting in order to have wood for winter. I think if I cut all the downed trees around the property I would have around eight cords of wood. We have beech, oak and walnut down that need to be cut. Even though they are down they still need time to season. some fall and continue to grow, but even this beech that has been dead for three years still had enough moisture in it that it is hard to burn. This is one reason I want to clear out a couple acres of pasture pines and plant some hard woods. So that in twenty or thirty maybe me or my kids won't have to buy firewood.

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