Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken Glass, Shattered dreams

Ok,  maybe it is not that serious, but when I saw the end of the Clorox logo sticking out of the grass I got excited and thought I found another bottle to add to the collection.  It is not that old, but it has been a while since they sold bleach in glass bottles.  I try to keep as much of the old junk as I can especially if it has logo's or branding.  I even kept some of the little boxes that nails were in that had probably been bought in the late sixties early or early seventies. Fishing lures, bottles, tools, duck calls, dishes are all on the list of stuff I look out for to keep.  I really love the stuff from the sixties.  At some point we will take all the junk out of the Rubbermaid tubs that we have and make a display for all this crap.  This hunk of glass will end up in the trash instead of in the keep pile.  Probably for the best as we have too much junk anyway.

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