Monday, May 10, 2010

The dwindling junk pile

Most people who have gardening or county life blogs have pretty pictures of flowers, sunsets and cute farmyard animals doing adorable things.  Not this guy.  I spent the morning trying to get rid of one the last pieces of junk out of the yard.  This old cistern has probably been in the same place since the 40's when the house was used as a hunting cabin.  I thought for sure when I knocked it over I would find at least on snake under it or inside the rusty hunk of junk.

The damn thing weighs a ton and since I don't like to ask for help I had to figure out how to get it in my truck by myself.  Well, my five year was with me, but when we carried it she kept dropping her end.  Luckily I had pulled all these old tires out of various piles of brush and junk only to find out that it is a pain to get rid of tires.  I had to stack them up like step and roll one end onto them.  When I had the tip on three tires I had to move the others closer to the middle and roll it from one stack to the next in order to get a steep enough angle.
Of course it wasn't quite steep enough so I had to let a little air out of my tires before I could back up with the tail gate underneath it.  When I got my tail gate a little closer than this to the center I was able to shove it inside the bed of my little truck.
I am pretty sure that this is the same way they moved the Easter Island heads, but they may have had more old tires and a bigger truck.


  1. Yep. While becoming familiar with our farm, we found eight old tires out in the fields. We now know why people just throw them out there rather than dispose of them actually have to PAY the tire places to take them.

    Hmmm, that old cistern looks useful. Are you sure you want to throw it out?

  2. I have thought of a bunch of things to do with it. None of which I will ever get around to so it had to go. I haven't even found a place that I can pay to take the tires yet, so I guess we will have to find other uses for them.

  3. Very funny. Good use for a very old pickup.

  4. We saw an idea for using old tires to make raised beds--we might try that. Apparently you can cut the tread off, turn it inside out, and fill it with dirt. They're even stackable for growing potatoes. Weird!