Tuesday, May 4, 2010

While I was out

When I came back from taking the kids to school two tractors were busy clearing the high line for the power company.  The lines cross our property in a couple  places, go across our neighbors land and then go back onto our place where it ends at our house.  We're the the last on the line.  Sam Huston Electric Cooprative or Sheco as it is known here has and easement that allows them to clear a certain amount of feet on either side of the line.  The phone company has some type of easement that allows them run lines on certain areas and we also have a oil pipeline that cross piece of land that they keep clear pretty much all the time.  If the world turns into some sort devastated post apocalyptic danger zone where the road was too dangerous to travel I would use the pipeline as a hiking trail to get around.  Those guys are good at clearing brush.

They haven't been out here for at least two years so of course they had to come about a week before one of our best berry picking spots was ready.  There is an area right along the dirt road by the old hay pasture where we picked all of our berries last year that they mowed down just like this section that leads from the mailbox to the old barn.  That was the best place for the kids to pick berries because they could stand on the side of the road with me and pick without having to tromp off into the thicket of thorns. Both kids found it horrifying that someone would come along and mow down a patch of berries nearly ready to pick, but when I asked if they wanted to go home and turn off the AC they declined.  Fortunately, This year the rest of the property is covered.  I picked a couple pounds in about forty-five minutes while I listened to the tractors and waited for them to ask if they could get around behind the house.

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