Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Worm Roundup

A couple of years ago we tried to a little worm farming using an old turtle shaped sandbox that the kids have outgrown.  The worms didn't last long and although we have talked about trying again in order to have plenty of worms for fishing we just never got around to it.  This is the thunder stick that Luci made this morning.  It is an old rake handle with notches cut into one side.  The other piece of wood is an old broom handle that is rubbed  back and forth across the notches to make noise and vibration.
The worms just come right up out of the ground.  Not sure if it is the noise or the vibration, but it works. If anybody know why this works let me know. Luci said this is how her grandfather would get worms for fishing and I think we saw something similar on DIRTYJOBS one of the girls favorite TV shows.  The harder part will be finding an area of the property that has a larger variety of worms.  The chickens thought these were a great snake and the handfull chucked into the garden into the garden will help loosen up the soil, but these little guys would be hard to thread onto a fishing hook.

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