Friday, May 14, 2010

EndAll at the beginning

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SaferBrand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last year we tried go totally natural and not use anything for insects except squashing them with our fingers (which is just plain gross).  This plan really didn't work out very well and we lost tons of tomatoes, corn, and squash.  All that hard work for nothing.  I could have cried.  Enter my new favorite organic pesticide, my new best friend, EndAll Insect Killer.

This year has been slow for the bugs to appear, probably because it has been drier than last year, but when we lost a Roma Tomato plant--totally loaded with tomatoes, of course--to cutworms, we knew we wanted to try to prevent the losses we had last year.  I decided to go with EndAll Insect Killer from Safer Brand.
EndALL insect spray

Since I sprayed a week ago, I haven't lost another plant to cutworms, haven't seen the little green and brown things that ate the tomatoes last year and something has stopped eating the leaves. I didn't find EndALL Insect Killer to be a skin irritant the way I found the stuff I tried when we lived in Las Vegas. 

EndAll has Neem oil in it, which gives it a smell that is familiar, but which you just can't place. Because it kills the larva and the adults, I am hoping it will prevent a lot of problems by reducing the population this early in the season.  We've also increased the amount of Marigolds and Basil in the garden, because they are supposed to keep insects away too, but I think the EndAll might be give us the firepower needed to keep the veggies from being destroyed.  If you're going for a pesticide, I would have to start with EndAll.  When I sprayed with it last week, I noticed that it killed aphids and slugs too.  It also killed the infestation of little bugs that were hanging out on the 70's Scarecrow.  Woohoo, go EndAll!

Of course if you're looking for something old-school you could go with this guy, the Insect-O-Gun. Ever since we moved here I have seen this thing hanging on the wall of our barn and assumed it was a paint sprayer.  Yesterday I took it off the nail it was hanging on because I was cleaning out the barn.  It is a bug sprayer that you hook up to a water hose.  On the handle it is actually embossed "INSECT O GUN".  The top is an all-brass fitting that still has nice movement.  This screws onto the same kind of jar you use to preserve food.  This thing has probably been hanging on that nail for forty years and there's no telling what kind of Agent Orange you're supposed to use when you load it up.  God help ya if you lost track of which jar you used with it and accidentally filled it up with peaches.

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