Monday, May 24, 2010

Two feet in sixteen inches

This is all that is left of one of our Dominickers.  A couple bones, a pile a feathers and two feet.  Last night we were out late and when we got home we had to try to get the kids to bed because it was already 11pm.  Since we were so late I forgot to  do my usual check on the chickens to make sure they have water.  In the morning I often leave the bungee cords that hold the roof down unhooked on one side because I know I am going to open it again.  When we went outside this morning we found this pile about fifteen feet from the chicken tractor.  Something had managed to get through the top or crawl under and drag this one out.  Raccoon, maybe a fox, I am not sure if possums will go after the chickens or just the eggs.  Whatever it is it will be back since it had nice chicken dinner.  I kinda feel bad for the chicken, but if I think of the amount of chickens I have eaten in my  life it would be silly to stress over this one.  Mostly I feel bad we didn't eat the little lady.

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