Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from Vegas

OK, so I drove 21 hours on Tuesday on four hours of sleep. No tickets, no flats.

The lettuce that Luci planted has already sprouted. So has some of the okra, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and one of the apple cores I planted.

That is one of the thing I recommend anyone do as soon as they get settled on a piece of land they think they will stay on: plant trees, and if you don't have the cash to buy trees from the nursery then start them from seeds. Time goes faster than it feels when you first put them into the ground, so the sooner you get them going the better. Time for them to grow is free. Try to find things that grow easily in your climate, but really, if the ones I start from seed don't live, then oh well, they didn't cost a thing. So far, the two avocados I started last year are still alive, so now every time we have guacamole I try to start the seeds.

I will try to take some pictures of what is growing. So far, it is all in pots on the porch. The Rain started so we may have to wait a few days in order plant the garden. I put some buckets out to catch rain and I will use that water for the blueberries and raspberries.

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