Friday, March 20, 2009

Problems with our watering plan

We had planned on laying a soaker hose down each row in order to water. We thought this would take the water directly to the plants and would have very little waste. Both of us hate to waste water, partly because we know there are places that don't have enough and partly because we don't want the pump running all day using electricity. Yes, we live on a well, not on city water. I will talk about that later.

Laying the hoses down each row, I took my hatchet and cut some stakes from branches of a fallen tree to use for hose guides. We are going for cheap. If we can't get it cheap or free, we may have to do without. Those hoses were our big expense, and we planned on them lasting for a few years. The hoses didn't work. At the rate the water was coming out, I think we would have had to leave them on all day long. We suppose that we may not have enough water pressure to make them work right, but most likely they'e just crap.

So after that, it was dig through our junk and see what we had. A few years ago, Luci had bought a fancy racheting sprinler mounted on a nice tripod. After quite a bit fiddling, we determined (big surprise) that this also did not work. For some reason, it doesn't go back around after it goes to one side. The next try was a cheap, plastic Rainbird racheting sprinkler that you're supposed to spike into the ground. Of course the cheapest choice worked the best, simply because it was the last try.

So tomorrow we're returning the soaker hoses and getting one more sprinkler. Now that I am finished with this post I am going to do a little research on rainwater collection and storage.

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