Saturday, March 7, 2009

feeling fenced in

I gave my soil another tilling today, and even using my Troy-bilt Pony (which rocks) I am sore. I can't imagine doing the whole thing with a pick-axe and a shovel. I finished putting a small fence around the garden, but it's kinda messed up and I'm not sure it will keep out much. In the back corner I see rabbits every night if I go out with a flashlight. They may have to die. I found out at the feed store today that I put my T-posts backwards for the little clips that hold an electric fence--what do I know about putting in an electric fence?! Oh, and by the way, if you don't know where the feed store is, you don't live in the country.

The garden is about 30' by 50', so it's not tiny but certainly not huge. I don't know squat about growing anything and if it wasn't for the legality, the only thing I would grow would be a big patch of weed. The sad thing is that a patch of weed that size would provide quite a nice lifestyle. Tomatoes, peppers, and other such vegetables will have to do.

My wife and I planted two fig trees today about ten feet from the garden. Besides that, I just ripped out all the other crap that was growing around and taking over a small peach tree. Off to the left of that is a large pear tree half-destroyed during Hurricane Rita, but always covered in fruit. So far we have eaten very little of that fruit. Squirrels and birds must be eating it before it ripens. I need to cut down a bunch of growth from around it so that they can't get to it.

When we first moved here we planted eight blueberry bushes. They seem to be doing alright but haven't produced berries yet. The woman who runs the pick-your-own blueberry place says they need lots more water and fertilizer. Over the last few days I went around and cleaned out all the grass growing around them. My wife, Luci, found a place we can get free mulch to put around them. I can't believe it, but I am pretty happy about that.

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