Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So we did a marathon planting day in the garden yesterday.

Here's what we put in:

Tomatoes: yellow pear, red grape, big boy, roma, and early girl

Peppers: red bell, big green bell, and yellow banana

Okra: clemson spineless

Squash: table queen acorn, white pattypan, early prolific yellow straightneck, and black beauty zucchini

Beans: dragon tongue yellow bush snap, ford hook limas, and kentucky wonder pole green beans

Peas: blackeye and purple hull

Cucumbers: tendergreen burpless and sumter pickle

Corn: sweet corn, sweet and early corn, and chubby checker hybrid bicolor

Watermelon: sugar baby and crimson sweet

Cantaloupe: sweet 'n' early, and hale's best jumbo

Today, if the weather holds, we will put in:

Pumpkin: one packet pie pumpkin and one packet jack o' lantern
Sunflowers: mammoth
Gourds: birdhouse and dipper
Mustard greens: India
Bush green beans

Not trying onions, potatoes, or garlic, though we may put in radishes and spring onions as well. And what the heck is kohlrabi, anyway???

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