Sunday, March 8, 2009

Basil, lettuce and chainsaws

Luci filled the containers with a little fresh soil and planted basil, cilantro, lettuce, and spinach. Last year she grew tomatoes, a few cucumbers and lots of basil and herbs on the front porch. I love pesto and now so do my kids, but what you can buy in the store or order at a restaurant does not even compare to the pesto she makes fresh. The same goes for salsa...nothing tastes better than fresh from the garden. If you have never had it, go get some pots and start growing a few things. The last frost is hopefully over so planting should begin soon.

I have to fly to Vegas tomorrow and then spend a fantastic twenty-four hours plowing down I-40 and 287 to get home. After that one final tilling and planting should start.

I spent sometime fiddling with our little chainsaw and managed to get it started. I am starting to feel I am going to have to learn much more about engines to deal with country life. There are a lot of things to deal with here. Including massive amounts of crap growing faster than we have been able to cut it down. I would highly recommend budgeting to buy a good chainsaw if you are moving to a wooded area. My little Home-lite Ranger I like, but it doesn't compare to a Stihl or Husqvarna. It certainly doesn't help that we have had two hurricanes (Rita and Ike) come through here in the four years we have been here. Every time we turn around there are more trees and limbs in the yard. Fortunately for us, because during Ike I was in Las Vegas, one of my neighbors came over and cut stuff up for my wife. Many thanks.

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