Friday, April 30, 2010

Avocado Day

Ever since the land around us was logged and replanted I have felt that we made a mistake.  I understand that as a cash crop goes in East Texas it is pine timber, but I wish we would have set aside some space to plant a variety of trees.   If I had the cash I would have a couple of acres bulldozed and plant the whole thing with fruit, nut trees and a variety of hardwood trees to provide future firewood as well as an environment for more wildlife.  Not that we lack wildlife now.

   I am not sure if these will ever survive in the ground, but my other ones are almost two years old.  I am hoping that when they are a good size I can plant them and they will survive the couple of days a year that we have freezing temperatures.  I don't think we really have the climate for avocado's, but I am going to try anyway.  I am trying not to get to invested in these trees. If I start it myself and it dies all I am out is my time.  If they live great, if not no big deal.  I figure if I try enough different plants some of it is bound to do well.  Someone told me you can grow banana's around here so I may try to get a couple banana trees.

Since  a mass replant is not an option I am going to try to learn how to start my own trees instead of buying them from a nursery. I have a few more avocado seeds to try and I am going to try cuttings from our peach tree and then the pear tree.  I should have just dropped a couple hundred bucks and bought some from the nursery that we bought the fig trees, but I want to see if I can do it myself.  I am trying to take a more long term approach to thinking about the land around us.  Normally I am have a hard time thinking twenty years ahead of time because I always think that we will have moved by then, but with two kids I don't see us going anywhere.

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