Thursday, April 8, 2010

back to work

After a week sick its time to get back to work if I am going to have four or five months of fresh grown veg.  I thought I would get the garden planted this week since I think all the cold snaps are over, but all  I could muster the energy for was planting these packs of seeds my friend Chris sent.  When someone from California sends tells you that they are sending seeds this is not what you expect, but the girls where excited to get some basil going since they love the pesto and Emma likes basil and saffron rice.  He also sent a pack of tomato seeds that I should have started a couple weeks ago, but I going to do this week when I replant my avacado seeds.

This coming week is when I really have to get busy.  I need to plant the bulk of the garden, build at least one more chicken tractor,  finish emptying the old garage, fence an area for the full grown chickens, build a couple rain barrels, get the mower running, and try to regrade a drive way into the pasture down the road.  The kids have spring break so I should be able to get most of this done plus some.

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