Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The birds and the bugs

Living here is like taking the biology class I almost never went to in high school.  I am not a fan of bugs, in fact one of the only things I liked about living in Las Vegas was the lack of bugs.   These guys were all over the back porch this morning.  The moth population changes constantly.  One month it will be big huge greenish white Luna moths, the next big brown moths that are the same color as the house.  This month I guess these guys will be all over the place.  When I was a kid I would have never touched one of these things, but my kids have no fear of bugs and asked if they could start a butterfly and moth collection.

Immediately after showing the kids these moths they ran out into the yard and stepped into a pile of fire ants.  This is another nasty pain in the ass I was lucky enough to grow up with out.  Normally I would grab the jerry can full of diesel fuel and the mound would be dead in a few hours.  I'm not sure if it is any less harmful than ant poison, but I was going to spread some fire ant killer with this broadcaster, but instead I found a delicious breakfast.  No, I didn't eat them.  I just teased the kids with idea of serving them for breakfast.
Now I have to keep this on the shelf and  try not to disturb them so I went back to the diesel fuel.


  1. Birds choose the weirdest place to build nests. We found one built inside our riding mower engine. I have no idea how the bird got in and out of there.

  2. Yeah, we find them all the time. Last year s bird dug a little hole in a marigold plant hanging on the front porch. One day the eggs hatched and the next morning something had climbed up, tore the nest up and had a little snack. The kids got a quick lesson in nature. Everything's gotta eat.

  3. Yes, diesel and petrol are both highly toxic to your land, the plants, crops and creatures you share it with and any other poor neighbour whose land uses water that your land is connected to. Even hundreds of miles away. Go back to the Amdro or Spinosad and use it absolutely according to the label instructions.