Tuesday, April 20, 2010

biology class lesson number 2

Every things got to eat.
This morning I was working around the yard when I decided to check on the bird eggs I found a few days ago.  The broadcaster that the nest is in sits on the top of some shelves on the back porch above my head.  I took it down to get a look at the eggs and realized that there was only one egg left.  So I am standing there thinking what the hell they couldn't have hatched, grown up and flown away, but the nest looks fine.  After thirty seconds or so of this internal dialog  I finally notice the tiny snake that is staring up at me looking well fed.

This did not end well for the snake.  He met his fate at the beaks of our five full grown chickens.  Not only did they eat the snake they fought over which one gets to eat the snake.  I found it satisfying to watch birds eat  a snake full of bird eggs. Ah, the circle of life.  Gotta love it.

Oh, and they ate the egg, too.

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