Saturday, April 10, 2010

The garden begins

This is really the beginning of the 2010 garden.  After a trip to the store to buy poop, compost and plants the garden has been started.  We spent the morning spreading and tilling in the cow manure and compost.  Then in the afternoon we put the fence back up and planted the top half of the garden in peppers and tomatoes leaving a little space for Poblano peppers and eggplants when we can find them.  We left out the corn that we had in one corner last year.  It just didn't do well and after it was done it was hard to get in to till that section.  I think the chickens ended up eating more of the corn than we did.  I may try to find another spot to plant corn, but I don't know where I would put it yet.

Water is always an issue.  I hate to use a big sprinkler and have water going all over the garden instead of just to the plants, but the bubblers and little drip sprinklers would be a pretty big investment in time and materials.  We tried these sprinkler hoses but they just don't seem to be the trick, so they are getting moved over to the raised beds. I am always amazed at how powerful water feels in the heat of the day.  I remember thinking that in Vegas when I would water my lawn late in the day during one of the endless 190 degree days.  How quickly I felt better when that water is pouring out the hose.  Such an unimaginable waste to water a lawn in the middle of a desert when there are people in the world who don't have water to drink.  I always felt so American watering that lawn.

This guy came hopping along toward the end of the day as the sun was going down.  I am sure he was headed out to do his usual business. Since the fence was down he has been leaving his pellets right between where the cucumbers and squash will end up.  If I didn't think the girls would have freaked out I might of grabbed the .410 and had this guy for dinner, but  I think they would have freaked seeing the rabbit guts.  I need to get them to try eating it BEFORE they see it die.  On Man Vs. Wild the guy killed a rabbit buy throwing a stick at it.  I really want to try this, but I know it will just end up limping off in to the woods with a broken leg so that I feel like a A-hole for making it that much easier for a coyote to eat.

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