Monday, April 19, 2010

The trash man don't come round here

The three things I miss about living in Las Vegas are having a cable modem, being able to do everything at three in the morning, and having a guy stop by the house one or twice a week an pick up the trash.  Today I went down to the scrap metal yard with 620lbs of junk in the back of my truck for which I was paid the sum of eighty five dollars and thirty two cents. This at least makes up for some of the money I spent hauling junk out of here over the years.  If could do it about 200 more times I might be close to breaking even.  I think I have enough scrap for one more mixed load and then I have an old metal cistern that will take up the whole bed of my little truck.  By the time the scrap is gone I figure I might make about $175.  At least I didn't have to pay for it.  In Las Vegas if you are a home owner the city will haul off almost anything because they don't want you to drive out into the desert in the middle of the night and dump it off.
Out here in the country you gotta get rid of your own junk.  We take bags of our regular trash every other day and pay $1.25 a bag and then when I bring a pickup load full of junk it cost about twenty bucks.  Some people choose the cheaper option. You can burn your trash here if you can believe that.  Where I grew up in California you can't even have a fire on the beach anymore let alone pile up a bunch a stinky diapers and set them on fire.  It also common for people to pick a spot on their own land and either fill in a hole with junk or simply make a pile off where no one will ever bother it.  This is one such pile at our house.  It's not really near the house and no one  except me would ever know it is there, but I can't let it sit there. I just can't it drives my nuts to think about it. Luckily this pile I got a few bucks for, but the other ones have not been so profitable.  I can't bring myself to pick a corner no one will ever see and pile up junk.  I figure I at least have to clear out the stuff that was left before us. Then maybe I could make my own pile, but I doubt it.

I do like junk.  That is one problem I couldn't quite bring myself to chuck everything.  I decided to keep these sprayers and this old gas can.  I have no idea what I am going to do with them.  Most likely they will sit around for a few months and then I will throw them out.  I am a binge and purge kind of pack rat.  At some point everything has to go.  I also kept the animal traps, like trapping for beaver pelt kinda traps, just in case I decide to become a mountain man.  The only other thing I kept was this base that is for a cast iron woodstove.  I am going to paint it and put a top on it and use it for a little outside stool or bench.


  1. That's a business opportunity for some industrious person. We pay a small company 28 bucks a month (14 if you have your own trash can, which we should) to come around and pick up our regular trash. Bulky items and metal stuff gets taken by us to the dump and the scrap yard, respectively.

  2. I'd keep the traps and spray/gas cans. You never know when the zombipocalypse is going to come.

  3. when the zombipocalypse comes out here well hole up and live off the flesh of zombie squirrels so the traps may come in handy.