Monday, April 26, 2010

A trip to the feed store

After dropping off 780 lbs of scrap metal pulled out of the brush this morning I decided to take my eighty three dollars and stop by the feed store.  I wanted to get a plastic barrel to make into a rain barrel.   Woodville has four stop lights and two feed stores Tolar's and Tyco.  I feel out of place in both of them.  In Tyco I always feel under dressed.  I am not sure why, but whenever I am in there I always feel like I should be wearing a neatly tucked button up shirt and bright clean pair of wranglers instead of my stitched up cargo shorts that most people would have thrown away and black T-shirt with paint all over.  It is the same feeling I get in whenever I have to go to church to see my daughter do something with her pre-school class.

  Tyco sells just about anything you could need for a farm.  I don't even know what half the stuff in there is for, but you can get parts to build an electric fence, irrigation supplies, saddles and tack.  Tack, really, people still buy tack. Tyco is one of the few places to take an out of towner to see when they visit the great city that is Woodville. If nothing else just to check out the wide variety of animal heads attached to wall as decor.

Tolar's is where I buy my chicken feed on a regular basis.  Mostly because it is closer to the school where I drop off and pick up my kids.  This is a totally different kinda of store with pallets of feed sacks all over and a steady stream of customers who seem to know exactly what they want while I waffle around trying to decide if I need anything besides a sack of laying pellets and chicken scratch. Tomorrow I have to stop by Tolar's and get some chicken food, but I have no idea if I should switch from hen starter to laying pellets.  That being the question on my mind is not something I would have planned on before we moved out here.


  1. That's a cool looking store.

    We switched from starter to chicken scratch when the birds got their adult feathers. I don't know what laying pellets are...I'm supposing food for laying hens? We just give ours a little chicken scratch when we call them in at the end of the day. The rest of the time they find their own food. They've been laying more eggs than we can use. My Storey's chicken book says that "all hens stop laying eggs in the winter". That is not true. Our hens laid eggs steadily all through the winter.

    But, don't listen to me, I'm a beginner, too, and this is my first flock.

  2. Laying pellets are hard little pellets of chicken feed. We have always given our other chickens hen scratch and kept a thing full of laying pellets, but If they are running around the yard it takes a long time for them to eat what is in the feeder. Sometimes we can't let ours out so they have to eat more feed. Ours laid eggs in the winter too. Sometimes ours just stop for a while, but weather doesn't seem to be the reason.